Improving your Social Presence through Twitter Chats

Improving your Social Presence through Twitter Chats
Today's post is written by our Guest blogger Kushaan Shah. Naturally, you're asking who's Kushaan and why should I read this? In his own words ...

Kushaan Shah is a 20-year-old business student at the University of Maryland and an aspiring analyst, consultant and entrepreneur. He is a systems thinker, problem solver, and thrives off learning from new people every day. His interests lie primarily at the intersection of business, social impact, and education and he enjoys exploring these topics through virtual conversations and stories. In his free time, he enjoys playing and watching  sports, taste testing new ethnic food, and freelance writing.

Written by Kushaan Shah

You have done the grunt work of establishing the vision of your business, now you have to spread the word and get people to know exactly who you are. Twitter, as of today, has more than 500 million users. It has become an ideal place for business marketing and in a few years will even become a standard for the brand of a business. For social media managers, this is intimidating and often overwhelming. How do you get to meet more like-minded people who will be interested in you on something as large as Twitter?

With the advent of the hash tag, you can now engage in innovative mode of conversation called a "Twitter Chat". Twitter Chats are scheduled chats where individuals gather around a particular subject and have a series of stimulating conversations. Let's say that you are a company interested in marketing education technology products. Your main market might be an enthusiastic, young teacher who is more than inclined to be an early adopter of innovative education technology. A quick Google search would lead you to find a schedule of education-related twitter chats, with education technology chats scheduled every Monday night at 8:00 pm. How do you participate in one? Simply search for "#edtechchat" at the aforementioned name and watch the conversation unfold. To contribute, simply sign all your tweets with "#edtechchat" so it can be found in the conversation.

Here are some reasons why participating in a Twitter chat would be helpful:

Find Influential Users:  Networking is all about building relationships and finding people who can help you grow professionally. With a Twitter chat around educational technology, you will find the most influential names in the field as they dish out some advice and respond to critical questions pertaining to the topic. Twitter chats are a good way to find people to follow that won't disappoint!

Spread the Word About Yourself:  If you participate constantly in a Twitter chat, others may find your ideas interesting and you will be treated with more followers. Now, when you tweet outside of a Twitter chat, your followers will see this as well. When people "retweet" your work, Twitter can be a domino effect of accessing untapped networks.

Learn:  Like any experience in life, Twitter chats can be golden learning opportunities. How do people feel about X? Why do people believe in X? Twitter chats are often littered with personal stories, quotes and experiences that contribute to a better understanding of a subject. If you want to become abreast in any field, Twitter chats are a great way to engage in conversations that will be meaningful.

Essentially, Twitter chats are like extracurricular activities. They are not required for participation. If you are new or relatively unknown on Twitter however, they can be a successful initiative for you to connect, market and learn with others. Want to try it out? Check out the "Leadership Chat" this upcoming Tuesday at 8:00 pm (#LeadershipChat) or search on Google on your own!

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