Blogging for Business? This 1 idea can make your blog twice as valuable

If your blog does not have a mechanism to capture your visitor's contact details, you are leaving a ginormous list of your potential customers on the table.

Read that sentence again and let it sink in before you continue reading further.

What's the BIG idea?

Add a mechanism to "capture your visitor's contact details" on your blog.

***** Contact form on the blog does NOT count. *****
***** Comment section at the bottom of each post does NOT count either. *****

This needs to be a separate form placed strategically on your blog. It can be a single field form asking for an email address. But, it NEEDS to be on your blog to double the value of your blog.

Why should I ask for email address only?

If you ask for too much information, most people will never give it to you. Asking for an email address is very non-threatening. Anybody will give it to you. IMHO (In My Humble Opinion), an email address field alone should suffice the needs of most businesses.

But, this is purely your decision. Each business is different. If you feel your business needs more than a email address, feel free to add more fields to your form.

Where should I place this form?

It should be placed somewhere at the top of your blog. Either under the header section or on the side bar of the blog.

In addition to that, you should also add this form on your "About Us" page. Why?
  • A new visitor will almost always visit your "About Us" page.
  • Based on what they read there, they will decide whether to spend more time on your site or not.
How can I make sure most of my visitors leave me their contact details?

Create a offer they cannot refuse. Provide your visitors something of much larger value in return for their contact information.

I hope this posts help you think differently about your blog. A much more than a knowledge database. It can be your best marketing tool if you use it in a effective manner.

Thank You,

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