Blogging as a part of Career Management Plan

I recently asked a question on LinkedIn titled, "Should a personal blog be a part of everybody's career management plan?" As expected, the answer was a unanimous yes. And, the reasons posted by LinkedIn members were really good too.

Here are some of their reasons why everyone should make blogging a part of their career management plan today!
  • It showcases your knowledge and establishes you as a thought leader in your industry.
  • It helps you stand out from the crowd. Recruiters want unique talent, people who are willing to go a step further in showing off their skills and experience.
  • It portrays you as a problem solver and an influencer among your community.
  • It will fetch you high-quality organic search traffic.
  • One commenter said, "I always put it on my resumes and cover letters, because as an aspiring writer, I want people to read my work!! Also, if they google my name I want them to read my blog before looking at my Facebook."
One the flip side, there was one person who warned about blogging as a career management plan. He said that blogging is a good strategy as long as one is careful about the companies and people he/she talks about.

Personally, I think blogging is a terrific tool to advance one's career. Especially if they were going to blog about the new things they are learning to reach their next career goal.

What about you? Would you use blogging as a tool to advance your career? Why? or Why not?

- Mayur

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