Crucial Website Mistake Business Owners Make and How to Fix It

What is the Crucial Mistake?

Having upside down priorities. A business owner walks up to a web designer and says, "I want a very cool looking website. Can you design one?" At the onset, it doesn't look that bad. However when it comes to business priorities, it is almost a criminal offence.

Here's Why ...

Your website is simply a tool that you use to make money with. Nothing more, nothing less. The purpose of your website is to generate revenue for your business. As soon as you deviate from that purpose, your website starts becoming useless. Making a website look cool is important, but it should not hold the #1 spot on your list of priorities.

  • Your first priority should be to make sure your customer has a fantastic experience on your website.
  • Your second priority should be to make sure your website is search engine friendly.
  • Your third priority should be to make your site design look good without compromising the two bullet points listed above.
I'd say, "Capisce?" but it would probably be too cheeky.

Anyways! Can you cut your cake and eat it too? Absolutely! There are countless examples of websites who have done so. Similarly, there are countless examples of websites of failed websites that look so slick, you might think the designer charged an arm and a leg for it. Sadly, these website are mostly seen only by the business owner, their family, friends and employees.

How to fix this problem?

When your web designer asks, "What can I do for you?", tell him/her that you want a site that is customer friendly, search engine friendly, easy to navigate through and then if possible, make it the really good looking as well.

Be a smart business owner. Understand that your website is just a tool to help you do business better. Don't get emotionally attached to its design. If it works, let it work. Don't change it. Hope this helps!

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