How to Identify "The Next Big Thing"?

How to Identify "The Next Big Thing"?

And No, WWE fans! I am not talking about Brock Lesnar here.

I am talking about identifying the next big thing in technology. Here's how you identify it:
  • When people tell you that they will NEVER (that's the keyword) use a particular piece of technology, then that's the next big thing .
  • When people tell you, "It's so stupid. I don't see the point of it. Why would anyone use this? I just don't understand why so many people are using it?" (Did you or someone you know say this about Twitter?) Then, that's the next big thing.

The Next Big Thing is never usually accepted right away. There is always resistance, followed by reluctance and then acceptance. It always takes time before the "New" becomes the "Norm". This however can gain you an unfair advantage if you can identify the next big thing and accept it early on. What are some of the advantages?
  • You can make bank (read big money) by investing in it early on.
  • If you are a marketer, you can use it to sell much before your competitors figure how to use 'it'. (By the way, did you know that marketers ruin everything that is good? More about it some other day in some other post).
  • Or, you can simply use it to improve your life (like a computer or a cell phone).

Still don't believe me? Okay! Let's go through some examples.

When Facebook  first came out, did you or many other people you know say, "I am never getting a Facebook account. What's the whole point?" ... Are you ... on Facebook today? NO! Other people who said they never going to be on Facebook are on as well? You don't say!

In the late 90's cell phones became available for mass market. Do you know anybody who said, "I am not going to get one. Why would I want people to be able to contact me 24/7?" Do you happen to own a cell phone today?

Did you have a teenager in mid-2000's? Did you refuse to ever communicate to them via text messages? What is your primary way of communicating with your teenager today?

When laptops came out, people said ... Why would I want to carry my computer everywhere I go? Do you still own a desktop today?

Let's go back about a 100 years. When cars were first produced for the mass market, do you know what people said? That's stupid. Why would anybody buy a car? My horse and buggy work just fine. What would you have said to that horse and buggy person?

Learning to identify the opportunities before anyone else does can do wonders for you. A few weeks ago, I heard someone talk excitedly about a new phone application called Snapchat. The person she was talking to said, "Why? I don't see a point of message disappearing within seconds." You know what went through my mind?

Here's the kicker. Yesterday, I saw an article that said, Facebook offered by buy Snapchat for a $3 billion all-cash offer. Snapchat politely declined that offer because their 23-year old CEO believes much bigger and better offers are in store.

What kind of things are you saying 'No' to? What things, you said No to in past and accepted later on, become "The Next Big Thing"?

Until next time, be happy! Don't worry!

- Mayur

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