How to Get New Facebook Fans?

Facebook is a great way to connect with your customers, build relationships, promote sales, etc. But, if you don't have any fans, its difficult to do any of those things.

Just because you built it, does not mean they will come.

Facebook is not Google. People don't go on Facebook and say, "Hmm, let's see what business can I 'like' today?" That's just not how it works. You need to build awareness among your current and future customers. You need to tell them, "Hey, we have a Facebook page. Won't you come Like it?"

So, How do you Invite people to like your Facebook Page?

There are multiple ways to accomplish this task.
  1. Invite your existing 'sphere of influence' - your friends and family.
  2. Add a 'Like' box on your website.
  3. Add a 'Like' box on your About Us page.
  4. Add a 'Like' box on your 'Thank you' page.
  5. Ask people to Like your Facebook page with videos
  6. Ask your Twitter followers to Like your Facebook page.
  7. Use Facebook Ads to Invite 'Targeted' audience to Like your Facebook page.
Invite your existing 'Sphere of Influence' - your friends and family

Your friends and family know you, like you and trust you. When you first start a Facebook page, send all of them an invitation through Facebook to Like your page. Some of them are bound to "LIKE" your page. This helps strangers like your page in future. How? It provides social-proof. We humans trust people more than we trust corporations. So, when a stranger stumbles upon your page, he will see you already have likes. His/Her mind thinks, "If these people like it, maybe I will too."

Add a 'Like' box on your website.

A 'Like' box allows visitors on your website to LIKE your Facebook page without leaving your website. This is fantastic. For years, people spent thousands of dollars on SEO. When Social Networking first became hot, companies started putting Facebook icon on their homepages and linked that icon to their Facebook page. In other words, Your customers found you through Google (read YOUR SEO efforts) and then you immediately sent them to Facebook (for FREE). No wonder Facebook grew so rapidly. Companies around the world financed it's SEO.

A 'Like' box lets you have all the advantages of Facebook and still keep your customers on your website. If your site is hosted on WordPress, it has plugins you can install and get this up and running in no time. If your site is NOT hosted on WordPress, you can go to

Oh, almost forgot ... When you add a Like box on your Facebook page, choose the option to display profile pictures of other people who have already liked your page. It provides social proof to new visitors.

Add a 'Like' box on your About Us page.

This one is a no-brainer. Think about it. If people are looking at your About Us page, they are obviously interested in your business and want to find out more about who you are. These are "Hot Leads". Why not take advantage of this and ask them to like your Facebook page as well?

Add a 'Like' box on your Thank You page.

If your audience on About Us page were "hot", the people on your Thank you page are "burning". Wait, what's a Thank You page? Do you have a mechanism to capture your visitor's email address through a form or a free offer? In almost all cases, when a user fills out a form on a website, they get redirected to a Thank You page.

Audience on your Thank you page have WILLINGLY given you their information. They already like you. Now, get them to like your Facebook page as well.

Ask People to Like your Facebook Page with Videos.

There are many individuals and companies who create videos to build and expand their business. Do you have a call to action at the end of your videos? I'd say, "Wonderful" if you answered the last question in affirmative. If not, this is another opportunity to ask your audience to Like your Facebook page. Let them know that doing so will allow them to keep up with the latest updates of your business or get exclusive discounts on your products and services.

Ask your Twitter followers to Like your Facebook page.

Again, these people are "burning" leads. If people are already following you on Twitter, why not ask them to follow you on Facebook as well? Many will oblige. Leverage different platforms to build communities on them.

Use Facebook Ads to Invite Targeted Audience to Like your Facebook page.

Until now, all the above strategies can be applied for FREE. This one costs money but could be more effective than any of the above if done correctly.

Facebook now allows you to target audience groups of your choice. For example, if you are a motorcycle repair shop, you can create a Ad of Facebook and target all people who "Like" Harley Davidson page AND live in your zip code. When people click on your Ad, it will bring them to your Facebook page and they can LIKE your page.

I hope these strategies help and you get a lot of Facebook Fans! You can Like my Facebook page at


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