Twitter secret you didn't know!

Using twitter to resolve customer service issues is becoming very common these days. Customers tweet you @yourusername and ask you a question. So, how do you reply them?
If you were like me, you would simply reply them @theirusername with the answer.
That's good, but your reply will now only be seen by that particular customer. It won't automatically be posted on the walls of ALL your twitter followers. This is okay if that question is very specific to that particular follower and no one else will ever ask you that same question again.
But, what if the customer inquiry is about the price of a particular product, or about fixing a common software issue or date and time of a fundraising event you are hosting? Do you really want to reply to same inquiry from 100 different followers over and over again? I sure hope not. So, how can you reply to a question so that all your followers see your answer?
Use a [.]Period in front of @theirusername. You reply should look something like the following.
.@theirusername followed by your answer to their question.
When you use a period in front of a follower's twitter handle, the message is automatically broad casted on the walls of all your twitter followers. This will reduce the number of inquires you receive about the same question. And who knows, if the question pops up again the future, one of your other followers will answer it without you intervening at all.
Do you have any secret twitter tips that you are using? Feel free to post them in the comment section.
By the way, I know it's been a while since my last blog post. I will continue to update this blog more frequently. I have been working on a very exciting project. Unfortunately, it's too early to divulge any details about it. Will let you know more about it in the coming months.
- Mayur

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