Communication is Evolving. Are you?

Not too long ago, I saw a YouTube video by Jeremiah Owyang who is a leading web strategist. In the video, he shared a story about a conversation he had with a 20-something year old teacher. She was telling him about how she was having difficulty communicating with her students. The teacher had three problems.
  1. Her students did not like homework.
  2. If they did not know an answer to a question on a test, they would simply write IDK.
  3. They could not read what she wrote.
So Jeremiah asked her how she solved the problems. After some trial and error, she found the following.
  1. The students did not like homework if they had to turn it on paper. However, if the homework assignment had to be turned in as a blog post, they were more than happy to do it.
  2. IDK stood for "I don't know". Students abbreviated most things and assumed others would be able to understand them as well.
  3. The students could not read cursive. Most of them could only read typed words.
It's amazing how rapidly communication is evolving. Any thoughts?

- Mayur

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