Six Outrageous Business Promotions

Promoting your business is important. How else will the world know about it?

Listed below are 6 outrageous promotions from some highly successful people.
  1. Charles B. Wong - Founder of Computer Associates International:  Early on in building his business, Wang would pick 20 pages from the Yellow Pages, drink three cups of coffee, and cold-call every potential customer before going to the bathroom.
  2. P. T. Barnum - The Greatest Showman on Earth and the Founder of Barnum Circus:  Barnum once asked an accquaintance to sue him for fraud for displaying a supposed bearded lady. When the case hit the courts it was a hit. The bearded lady proved to be legitimate, and the newspapers had a field day, and the public thronged to Barnum's museum to see her.
  3. Sam Walton - Founder of Walmart:  Walton, who once dressed in a hula skirt to do a hula dance on Wall Street, encouraged a carnival-like atmosphere at his stores. For example, his store played hide-and-seek with a TV set. If you could find the TV (hidden somewhere in the store) you could buy it for 22 cents. The result: 500 to 600 customers stampeded the store and a pile of merchandise was sold.
  4. Henry Ford - Founder of Ford Motor Company:  To prove his car design was the best and to attract both investors and customers, Ford took to what was then the extremely dangerous sport of auto racing. A week before New York's grand auto show, he even broke the current time record for one mile when he ran his "Model B" full throttle across a frozen lake.
  5. Victor Kiam - Owner of Remington Razors:  To ensure that his would-be customers remembered his pitch, Kiam rented a monkey to bring along on sales calls.
  6. Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield - Founders of Ben & Jerry Ice Cream Factory:  To promote ice cream sales in winter, the twosome would take a penny off the cost of the cone for every degree below 0 degree celsius, otherwise known as Penny Off Per Celsius Degree Below Zero Winter Extravaganza, or POPCDBZWE. Because their first store was located in Burlington, Vermont, the promotion turned a liability (the cold weather) into an asset.
How would you promte your business uniquely?

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