An Unsuspecting Computer Trick

Ever feel like playing a prank on your co-worker? Here's an easy and awesome computer trick. It will make your co-worker go nuts, (especially if they are not too computer savvy).

Press CTRL, ALT and DOWN ARROW keys simultaneously.

What this does is turn their screen upside down. Just like the picture above.

How long does this trick take?
About 1-2 seconds.

What is the best time to do this?
When the co-worker is away from the desk.

What to say if asked for suggestions?
Try turning the computer off and turning it on again. Maybe, that will fix it.

Finally when they give up, act like a computer genius and fix it for them.

How to fix this?
Press CTRL, ALT and UP ARROW keys simultaneously. This will turn the screen right-side up.

Have you ever played pranks on other people? Share some of your tricks in the comments below.

And like they say in Arabic,


  1. For People who need to look at their Keyboard to type. Change the letters on their Keyboard around.

    Or anyone that has one of the LED mice...stick a little piece of paper on the bottom, so it seems like their mouse isn't working.